Weirdland’s Not Grounded Anymore Not The Novel


One day after Helen and her new live-in boyfriend, Captain Steve Burton both got trapped in the land of the giants after the flying saucer broke, a freaky giant long dirty blond haired girl with blue eyes trapped them both in the glass and then trapped them both in the dollhouse. Helen and Steve both screamed when that happened. Then after that, the giantess girl was forcing Steve and Helen to make out right in front of her as well as drink baby whole milk from a giant bottle and do tea time with real tea, but when the giantess said, “Oops” and then laughed after Helen and Steve got scalding hot with the teapot, they both screamed. Then when the giantess fell asleep in her giant bed, Helen and Steve were forced to share a single bed together. The next day, the giantess girl threw them both in the gigantic trashcan when she yelled, “You guys are nothing, but a bunch of blow outs!” Then Lemuel and Glumdaclitch saved both their lives by getting them out of the giant dumpster before it was too late. Then they went to the giant table where they were teaching all the giant giants how to do hip-hop and dancing to rap music and all. What they didn’t realize was that the freaky giant girl wanted them back and was there, but Glumdaclitch and Gulliver as well as Goliath, Darling and Nick Zedd was well as Tom Thumb Zedd backed the girl off from them. Then after the dance was over, they all got Helen and Steve back to Areno where they belonged. But the freaky giant girl followed all of the giants that came with them intentionally. But then after that, everyone screamed when the devil horse showed up with the black giant fur ball like dog as well as a few goop birds and of course, Raven Mockers as well as Rephaim. Everyone freaked out. Even Adanta, Sylvia, Pony Boy and all the Messer giants were scared when that happened. That was when Red Betty and Harlan yelled, “Make ‘Horton Hears A Who’ real and get all the Who’s to help us. It’s the only way out of this!”

This was exactly what they did. All the Who’s and Horton and all the characters became real irreversibly to help clean up this mess that the devil roaring horse was leading. The Who’s and the characters were able to do most of the work, but not without the miniatures, mini giants and all the other humanoids, etc, which was exactly when they were all using violence and if their fists then weapons such as swords, a big rock in a chain, lightsabers, laser guns, guns, riot guns, and everything else, etc. This was when Helen and Steve got grounded, but then Alias and I decided that the way they could get ungrounded by the alien ambassadors for an unauthorized trip to the land of the giants that wasn’t interplanetary delivery, they could help save Areno. This was when a cheerful suspenseful music played as a flying white horse from the movie “The Hogfather” played all the way through as the horse landed on the ground and Helen mounted on the horse and said “I’ll do it. I’m a very experienced rider!” That was when Helen neck-reined the flying horse all the way to where the where the devil horse was parallel of her, which was when she took out a BB gun and then started shooting big time as she was steering the horse with one hand. She kept on shooting, freaking everyone out and even when they told her to stop, she didn’t. She kept on going until the devil horse and all the other animals surrendered and went back to wherever they were from.

Then after the battle was totally over, everyone was dancing to the song, which was when everything was big time changing. The song everyone was dancing to was “Exhilarate” by Kevin MacLeod, which was exactly how Steve and Helen were totally dancing together. Everyone else was dancing especially when everything was coming up, which was especially when everyone had won the battle and hopefully they wouldn’t need the help from the Who’s and the flying white horse for quite awhile. But if it weren’t for them then Captain Steve and Helen Burton would never have gotten ungrounded. This was especially since Joan Templeton was dancing with Peter Fitzhugh and especially after the last guy that Joan Templeton was with had left her for someone else, Peter Fitzhugh had been really good to her. Hopefully that relationship was going to last for a very long time, which was especially since the seasons were totally changing and going by and by each day after day after day after day, month after month after month after month, year after year after year and century after century after century and millennium after millennium after millennium too. So what about Weirdland that people didn’t know? It was earth one thousand years later, but this century earth still existed because Areno really was another planet. The song “El Magica” by Kevin MacLeod played as everyone was partying including the alien ambassadors and the Weirdland Intelligence Agency too. It was ever so interesting that there was a lot of drinking and smoking and dancing too. Then when Milan and Toureg offered everyone a doob, they all shouted the word, “No!” which was when Zava moaned and groaned. But she got over it after Marc slapped her in the head and together, those two were a wonderful team and still going stronger than ever before. This meant that once again Weirdland was safe and that no one was in danger anymore. This was because everything had changed, but the bad news was it didn’t always change for the better, but the good news was that the Raven Mockers befriended the Messers, humans and also all the humanoids too, so now there was no more danger. Everything was ever so exciting and safe now thanks to us all working together to have finally have found Weirdland.


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